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Rope Access

Providing professional Rope Access services for offshore facilities with a wholistic approach!

Tubular Servicing

At STIS we have over the years been our client's choice for servicing of tubulars.

Incredible Support

We know how the support is important to you. We put a huge amount of effort into providing quality tech support to our clients.


Standard Testing and Inspection services Limited is an indigenous company with an expatriate content committed to providing professional services in the area of non destructive testing, engineering consulting, inspection and verification, quality assurance and quality control, measurement and instrumentation. Though commencing operations in 2004, our key personnel have been in the oil, gas, petrochemicals, refineries and other sectors in the last 10 years.. We have a track record for providing quality service to our clients. This commitment to quality is based on our belief that quality shall not be compromised in the drive to provide satisfactory and economically sensible service to our numerous clients. We have professionals with specialist knowledge in engineering inspection and certification whose endorsement of our jobs and certificates guarantee international acceptability...

Engineering Consultancy

Through the services of our experienced Engineers and Technicians, we assist clients both in Government and Private sectors in realizing their goals on any projects.

These include Tender preparation, bidder selection process, procurement, field execution, commissioning and handover of project deliverables. We will achieve this through our local and expatriate Engineers operating locally and in various countries where we have working agreement with recognized professional Engineering companies specialized in our areas of need. We are also capable of recruiting specialist on project specific requirement basis.
Our team of Engineers, Technicians and other relevant professionals have proven records. They are highly trained, experienced, dedicated and multi-discipline professionals. They have been collectively and individually involved in the various successful multi-million Naira project in Nigeria.

The key areas of focus as generally applicable to most multi-million Naira projects are:

Projects Review and Control
Standard Testing and Inspection services Limited, will assist the project owners in project review from design review through to execution and commissioning. We also monitor the compliance with projects specification as the project progresses.

Civil Construction
We will provide both Engineers and Technicians to carry out review, construction supervision, infrastructure hookup and auditing.

Project Quality Management
Our operations are carried out in compliance with the ISO 9001 quality management systems. We are therefore capable of using experience to ensure projects are executed in accordance with established quality management principles and systems. This gives confidence that project deliverables are not only achieved, but meet owner’s requirements and specifications on schedule.

We will establish or cause the contractor(s) to establish a project quality plan consistent with the owner’s operations, procedures and owner’s quality organization. This will be achieved through trained Quality Auditors.

Supervision and On-site Inspections
In order to have adequacy on all resources on site and ensure that project execution conforms to owner’s specifications, we will send experienced, trained and skillful personnel to the contractor’s site. This service is applicable in any of the situations stated below:
Equipment and Materials received from vendors into the owners warehouse and site location as the case may be.

Assembling of structural materials during construction and installation
Welding on site
Site erection
Assembling of electrical equipment, wiring, and communication
Wire and cable connections
Coating, insulation and other surface preparation
Witnessing of test.

Technical Assistance

An experienced Engineers and specialist will be seconded on projects to work with the owners Technical Team and/or Management. These include Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical
Engineers and Technicians, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Managers and a Supervisor, as the project requires.

Key areas of assistance include:
 Preparation of bid packages
 Review of bids for Technical and QA aspect
 Statutory Inspection
 Re-engineering existing installation. property for the entire project.

Vendor Surveillance
The ability of any company, vendor or supplier to deliver goods and services is dependent on competence, experience in that particular field, and their interest or generated capabilities.

One of the keys to confirming the ability of potential suppliers or vendors is through their Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) plans. Therefore effective vendor surveillance will embrace a mix of the following steps:
Review of Suppliers QA/QC plans
This will reveal the effectiveness or otherwise of the management organization-strengths and capabilities – with respect to the particular project.
The quality Management of the company will also be examined to determine resources, manpower, equipment, finances, internal control and or procedure availability.

Vendor Audit and Evaluations
STIS can Audit the vendors prior, or whilst the project is in progress, to report back to the owner, the reliability or otherwise of the vendors. The Audit and evaluation would cover the entire operations of the organization or specific areas as may be relevant to the project or of particular interest to the owners.

Where STIS capabilities did not cover the work scope, we will have personnel and equipment seconded from companies with whom we have exchange programmes in collaboration with affiliates abroad.

Contact Us

  • homeKM 17 PH/ABA Expressway, Port Harcourt
  • phone+234 806 346 4544, +234 703 045 5580 (8am - 5pm)

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